What will happen to my Facebook page after I die?

Social Media and Death

Social Media and Death

Facebook announced a new feature that allows Facebook users to choose a Legacy Contact to manage their Facebook pages after their death.  A Legacy Contact, with permission, may download an archive of photos, posts, and profile information that the deceased shared on Facebook, and may also write posts, respond to friend requests, and update profile pictures and cover photos.

Users may also choose to have their Facebook account permanently deleted after death.

The State of Indiana does not have laws to handle online presence after death, instead each social media company, like Facebook, creates its own policies to address a user’s death.  An option for social media users is to share a list of user names and passwords to  their social media accounts with a trusted family member or friend with instructions as to the management of those accounts after death.  There are also companies, such as the Legacy Locker feature of passwordbox.com, that store your information for you and distribute the information to a Legacy Contact, after your death.

The fate of your social media accounts is just one amongst many issues that can and should be determined during one’s lifetime.  Estate Planning is an important tool to protect your family and your assets.  To begin the Estate Planning process and speak with an experienced and knowledgable Estate Planning attorney, call (219) 776-2662 today for a FREE consultation!

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